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Default Re: bait and switch?

this isn't a bait and switch. this is still the same price per minute. as charles explained, they are not able at the moment to get hold of the $10 card but the price per minute is the same on the $35 card. i don't usually defend businesses in aruba but this one i have to because i know they are trying to answer (and they do not pay for advertising with us). the problem is with the sim card supplier. if another company has some at $10 it is because they had a bunch and have some left. no business wants to piss off its customers by not having what they want or have ordered before. so yes, it is beating a dead horse but not because it's a scam. happens all the time in the states. some times we can't get what we purchased in the past because it is no longer available. it's that simple. i can give you a list of at least 20 items that i can no longer get the size, shape, or whatever of that i could as little as 2-5 years ago.

Originally Posted by captmorgnsgrl View Post
I too use a cell phone in Aruba for contacting and checking on everyone back in California. And we are there for at least two weeks, so we need to have some sort of communication with the parents, our children etc. I purchased a phone from Setar a couple of years ago and glad I did.

If you don't like the prices, use another vendor. And this is beating a dead horse. You can't get it for $10 and now it's $35.00, this isn't a business in the good ole USA. So you can't sue afp. You will run into this problem in many business' in Aruba. I know I have. I have the same problem here in the US..I live less than 2 miles from the Mexican border. It is common place in Mexico to state one price and be charged another. I feel your pain, but don't let this ruin your vacation.
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