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Default Re: bait and switch?

Originally Posted by sherry View Post
this isn't a bait and switch. this is still the same price per minute. as charles explained, they are not able at the moment to get hold of the $10 card but the price per minute is the same on the $35 card. i don't usually defend businesses in aruba but this one i have to because i know they are trying to answer (and they do not pay for advertising with us). the problem is with the sim card supplier. if another company has some at $10 it is because they had a bunch and have some left. no business wants to piss off its customers by not having what they want or have ordered before. so yes, it is beating a dead horse but not because it's a scam. happens all the time in the states. some times we can't get what we purchased in the past because it is no longer available. it's that simple. i can give you a list of at least 20 items that i can no longer get the size, shape, or whatever of that i could as little as 2-5 years ago.
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