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Default Re: bait and switch?

I can understand not wanting to top off someone elses phone number but I don't understand why that would be the case. Sherry has explained that phone numbers of rental phones or a number not used for a period of months is reissued to another customer. Ok I get that. However, the SIM card itself is simply a tiny disk and although minutes expire and it can be deactivated, that SAME sim card should be able to be used for reactivation, a new phone number assigned and airtime and data purchased. I worked as a district manager for Rogers Wireless until I had my baby last year so I'm not trying to be ignorant or argumentative. When I worked in the stores we had customers come in all the time with their own phones and sim cards wanting to signup with a plan or pay as you go. We used those sane old sims (better to recycle) to setup a new number and activate the phone. I myself have used a sim card I already had and called in over the phone to do the same thing. Also, when I had to change my cell number, I simply phoned customer service and they changed it right then, no new sim needed. Therefore, I understand needing to reactivate a phone, getting a new phone number and having to pay activation fees and airtime/data fees. The only thing I don't get is if sim cards are in such high demand, shipped in, run out and hard to get at times as Charles said, why are they not reused as much as possible?
As for unlocking, now that it's legal, most cell vendors sell unlocked phones, even Apple and there's lots of websites and businesses that do it. In the mall down the street there's 2 kiosks that do it. However, through online or your cell provider it's usually cheap or free. I do think if one can get a cheap unlocked phone just for travel, that's a good idea. Less worry about your maincell phone being lost, stolen or damaged.
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