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Default Re: rental and sale prices-should they be posted?

Yes I think they should always be posted. Like another member said, the other sites such as redweek, tug2net, vrbo, etc., all require that a price be listed. After an inquiry is made, the negotiations should be kept private. When I see a rental listed without a price or details such as resort, day of the week of check in, number of rooms or other pertinent info, I tend to avoid or ignore them. I think that owners think that by being mysterious they are forcing interested parties to contact them for more info and they can perhaps reel them in or something when in fact, the opposite is true, people tend to skip those ads.
Another comment I agree with is that some owners think or hope they can rent/sell their timeshare for what the resort does and that's just unrealistic. I read that people will complain that they can get the same kind of suite at the same resort for less and an owner said "that suite may be overlooking a parking lot and mine and oceanview" or something to that effect. That's not an argument for not posting price as all those details should be posted as well to explain the higher price and that becomes a moot point. Also, for me, I don't care about views or what floor I'm on as I tend to spend very little time indoors on vacation. It's basically a place to shower, dress and sleep and so I like to find a place quickly within my budget. Most of us already know what we want to spend so seeing prices makes it easier to weed through ads and find the right place for us. If something is posted for a higher price than my budget, I have the choice to read the full details that a good ad should have and contact the owner anyways. Perhaps we can agree on a lower price or I may pay more cause the place is really nice. Regardless, not posting a price and making all the back and forth work of emails makes me less likely to rent, not more curious.
Also, the concern of bidding wars is a thin argument for me as I did a lot of research and comparison shopping before renting my TS so I was very well aware of what a fair price was for the resort I wanted at that time of year. I don't get how a bidding war can start just because someone prices a lower price. The truth is, there are way more sellers than buyers and in today's economy. This makes an ideal situation for those of us looking to rent and a poor one for those owners. However, that's not anyone's fault and just life -which isn't always fair. Unfortunately, I have friends and family who own TS and they were sold them convinced that they could "easily rent them for a profit or sell them as they are so desirable and the wave of the future. Timeshares are how people vacation these days." Well either they were duped, not listening and nor talk to previous owners to find out the truth- TS are not a good financial investment.They seem surprised at the maintenance fees and other improvements fees levied on them yearly. Also, the fees increase.
At the end of the day, if you are an owner and hoping to make a profit off your TS, I wish you luck, I really do. But truthfully, you are competing with many owners who just want to get their maintenance fees covered and have less stress plus cheap people like me who are always looking for a deal. If I'm going to pay resort rates, I'll rent direct from the resort.
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