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Default Re: Rental info please...........

wise move amarg. remember though that although english is spoken by every aruban, you are not in the states or canada. there is a bit of a language barrier as there is if you go from english to french canada. both areas speak english but the nuances are not the same.

i will guarantee that most arubans have never heard the term umbrella stroller so they think of it as a stroller with a shade cover. i don't remember ever seeing an umbroller (do they still call them that?) on aruba unless brought by a tourist. full sized and shaded are all that i have seen.

Originally Posted by amarg View Post
I have found the laid back attitude of businesses in Aruba very frustrating too. They seem to be more than just relaxed and slow at giving complete timely answers, but more like comatose. I have had similar dealings with Casa Del Mar and waited weeks for answers to emails and been unable to reach anyone who can help me by phone. However, I finally got fed up and sent an email asking my question and at the end of my email I purposely stated that I'd read poor reviews of the service at CDM recently and hoped that it wasn't true and that I couldn't wait to write my own review on all the forums of CDM and what great service I got.
Wouldn't you know it but I got an answer the next day? It was very rude and stated "I've had 4 emails from you" and "as I already told you...". Well I wouldn't write 4 times in 2 months if they'd answer me and she didn't "already tell me" cause I never heard back (I checked my junk folder). I still got an obscure answer to my question "what type of strollers do you have to rent? Are they umbrella or full size and if you're not sure, tell me the brand and make. Is there a sun canopy or a snack tray on the stroller?". That's my question and not too hard I'd think. We'll the answer was " we have standard strollers and they are umbrella full size". If you have a child and have ever purchased a stroller, do you find that answer as ridiculous as I do? It makes no sense and so I give up. I'm just taking my own stroller.
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