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Default Re: Arriving 9/12, how's the weather looking?

i've been to aruba 23 times usually in either may or august. i have never used a raincoat, umbrella, or poncho.

quick story-3rd year in aruba but first at costa linda. hubby went diving and i was under a palapa on the beach. thunder, lightning, and a sudden downpour and i grabbed everything running back to the room worrying about hubby and wondering why it was raining on a desert island. by the time i got back to the room (approximately 5 minutes because i had to wait for the elevator) and walked out on the balcony, the sun was out. the rain had never reached where they were diving which was about 2 miles from my location.

move foward about 15 years. at amsterdam manor in the water. newbies are in the water with us talking and clouds form. they panic-it can't be raining on their honeymoon, lol. i told them not to waste their time getting out of the water as the first drops fell. two minutes later the 'downpour' ended. we laughed, they laughed and the rest of the week was dry.

we have actually seen a downpour that lasted as much as 30-40 minute a few times. just delay your travels out of shelter or stay under the palapa (you are in bathing suits anyway, right?) and relax.

Originally Posted by amarg View Post
I checked out the link too. Thank you! It says 33 degrees and as a Canadian I'm glad it's in Celsius. That's temperature that's similar to here in Toronto in summer. We range from 29-38• and with humidex, sometimes over 40. Is there a lot of humidity in Aruba? How long does the rain last and do we need to pack umbrellas, rain coats or ponchos?
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