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Default Re: Need just one night's stay

Originally Posted by sherry View Post
ro, once you see the place you will be glad you picked it. somewhere in our albums section i posted pics of the place that we took while touring it.

Sherry, thank you - can I search the albums for them myself? Although, I have seen dozens of pics thanks to Kent, who was nice enough to share his vacation pics with me as well as his top rated raves about the place. He sure convinced me to try it. It's a bit pricey for us to go for 8 days there instead of accelerating on our timeshare, but we are celebrating a major anniversary in 2011 so that's how we're justifying the cost to ourselves. That and eating a bit more pasta and salad at home that is, lol. We usually go out to eat maybe 2-3 times a month, so between giving that up and my being able to work at night from Oct-Christmas, we'll be fine. The extra "reassessment" charges for our timeshare made 2011 a lot more expensive. I guess 2012 will be the same but thankfully, we always seem to manage our trip to Aruba somehow.

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