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Default Re: Giving Birth In Aruba(?)

ok, i can tell you that although the prices for hospital care are lower than the states, they are not going to cover mom or baby and you will have to pay before you leave. only fair. you put nothing into the system so you can't get anything out of it. for your own insurance, you would have to collect when you get home. no out of country medical center is going to take your local or national insurance. so save all receipts.

there are no perks except maybe a notice in the newspaper, lol. your child is not automatically a citizen (sorry, it would be great, wouldn't it?) nor does it help you to become a resident.

the hospital is quite capable of helping your wife to deliver the baby and will treat her well. we women have been doing this process for a few years now and do most of it ourselves no matter what country we are in .

and now on the serious side, please keep track with the ob/gyn to make sure it is still a good idea when your wife is nearing her 9th month for her to take a long flight like that. i know of very few doctors that approve of flying that close to term.

Originally Posted by DJSTEVEZ View Post
My wife and I will be visiting Aruba the last 2 weeks of October.
She & I anticipate welcoming our 2nd bundle of joy into the world during the middle of December. My wife's OB/GYN team have commented how large the baby is at this point AND have jokingly said that if they didn't know any better, my wife could be 5 more weeks pregnant than initially thought. Oh, her team did clear her for the trip, flight and all.

SO...if my wife happens to give birth in Aruba
a) Does the baby enjoy dual citizenship?
b) Are there any perks in terms of expedited/enhanced path to resident status or citizenship?
c) Does anyone have experience using their U.S. based health insurance in Aruba? (I understand Aruba has nationalized health-care so their OOP costs are unbelievably low)
d) Has anyone had any experience with the Aruba Hospital?

-DJ Steve
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