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Default Looking to trade week 28 for 27 in 2011


Well, where to start. Recently my wife and I aquired a one bedroom unit
here at the AG/RIU. We where so excited that we started shopping for airfare for our week. We found a fabulous deal and booked it before
REALLY finding out what our dates were. Well, silly me! The RIU uses a
different calendar that other resorts. 2010 had 53 weeks, so everyones
weeks are a week later than you might figure in 2011. So in a nut shell I have airfare purchased for week 27 and not week 28. We cannot change
airfare because of costs and because of a wedding the prior week.
Barb has to take 2 weeks vacation back to back for everything to work.
So if someone would like to trade please contact me. I have contacted
Ruella at the Riu and it is easily done. Thanks!
Week 28 is July 15-22 2011
Week 27 is July 8-15 2011
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