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Default Re: Business ownership in Aruba

hahahahaha.... hi jerrie, and welcome. loved that last question and haven't a clue although it depends i imagine on what services you pay for as to hockey or no hockey but someone living on aruba can answer that better.

yes you need an aruban in your business. yes you can own things in the tourism business as long as you have that aruban partner. yes, jobs are supposed to be filled by qualified arubans before non arubans are accepted.

however, you need to write to the chamber of commerce and ask them. they are the people to check with. reading the info is not the same as getting it directly from them. here's a link that will give you their email and a phone number. Establishing a Business in Aruba . save yourself some time and frustration by going to the source rather than having all of us speculate and give you wrong answers. when you have the info, let us know what you find out.

fyi, i know many foreigners who own businesses on aruba including small hotel/apartments, b & b's, water sports, souvenirs, and many other things so i know it is all possible.

Originally Posted by Jerrie View Post
Hello folks...

I have a somewhat general question regarding foreigners owning a small/medium size business in Aruba (in retail, tourism, or real estate).

I've read a lot of information on this topic this past year including websites at the Chamber of Commerce, DIMAS, etc.

I understand the rules for Free Zone business investment and permit requirements for starting a business in Aruba but what I can't find is specific information regarding regulations about foreigners buying an existing business in aruba outside the Free Zone.

I've read general comments that there is a 51% Aruban national partnership necessary to start some businesses outside the Free Zone but I don't know if that is the law, if it is current today, if it applies to startinga business as opposed to buying an existing business already established. I've also read that there is no restrictions foreigners owning a business as long as there is local representation... so there seems to be some grey areas and blurry lines on the topic.

I've also read that there are certain businesses restricted from foreign ownership which are reserved for locals but don't know if that includes purchase of existing businesses or applies to new start-ups.

I'm hoping that someone can provide some info on these topics:

Can a foreigner (Canadian) own (buy or start) a business on Aruba outside of the Free Zone without an Aruban partner?

Are there specific businesses that foreigners are restricted for owning, such as retail or in tourism activity.

Can a foreigner own real estate (such as apartments) for rent and if so, do the same business/related permits apply because they are earning income on property rental?

I've done quite a bit of research but continue to hit these road blocks so I'm hoping some local or other knowledgable forum users can offer some info and help my wife an I realize a dream of owning and running a small business on beautiful Aruba!!

And one more question - Are hockey games available via satellite??

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