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Angry Re: $10 Nightly Service for ABC Guests?

I have sent an email in response to the Newsletter, as well as directly to Mr. Mintzer asking to define "guest". This is certainly NOT authorized by the By-Laws, and though I have not re-read the Articles of Association, I suspect they also do not authorize the board to assess such a tax.

This tax would amount to an additional $70 a week - so if you lend it out to a friend or relative, or if you try to rent it to a stranger, it will make the ABC timeshares less attractive for rentals, more rooms will go unused or we members will have to absorb it, which is essentially the Board "Taking" from what should be OUR PROPERTY - our right to use that week as we want.

It is unfair. I have already written, please go to our web site and send a letter or email to the Board.

GUEST - is it just one who doesn't own the room - so you if swap rooms, but are a member, are you a "guest" for that week? Is one who would accompany me a "guest"? Is a friend or relative who uses my room - with or without the same last name - a guest? Toooo vague and against the laws of the Club!
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