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Default Re: Net Metering Question

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I have contacted Kelvin Augustin with W.E.B. Aruba N.V - WATER- EN ENERGIEBEDRIJF ARUBA N.V. (WEB) - Aruba’s water and electric company and here are his answers concerning Net Metering:

What is your policy on "Net Metering"?
“Sir we do not have net metering in Aruba”
Do you think that WEB Aruba NV will institute a net metering policy in the near future?
“There are discussing but nothing concrete yet”

The following is a definition of Net Metering:

Net Metering is a policy implemented by some states and electric utilities to ensure that any extra electricity produced by an on-site generator, such as a small wind system, can be sent back into the utility system for fair credit. For example, if a home’s (utility-connected) small wind turbine produces more electricity than the home can use, the excess electricity is sent back into the distribution system to be used by someone else. This excess generation can cause the small-turbine owner’s home electric meter to spin backwards to indicate essentially “negative” electricity usage, effectively “banking” excess production. Net metering allows such a customer to be credited at the end of the billing period, usually a month or sometimes a year, for any “net” consumption or production of electricity. Since a single meter is used to measure in- and out-flow, the customer automatically receives compensation from the utility for any excess electricity produced at the full retail electricity rate.

As we all know, Aruba has an abundance of Wind & Sun, two of the most environmentally friendly producers of electricity. Hopefully, Aruba will encourage the implementation of wind generators and photovoltaic panels by allowing “Net Metering” in the near future. Without Net Metering an individual would have to depend on a large banks of very expensive batteries to store the power, which in most cases makes the installation too expensive.
Please encourage WEB Aruba NV to institute Net Metering – It’s the right thing to do for Aruba and the world.
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