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Default Re: Aruban people's hospitality

On our 2008 visit my buddy and I rented ATV's and went to the outback to ride. We were in Santa Cruz on a side street when my ATV died. No cell phone, no way to call or contact the rental co. We had a bungy cord we were using to hold towels on the ATV. We used that to tow the broken ATV to a populated area. Took us an hour in the Aruba sun but we ended up at a "local bar" on a side street. No tourists here. We were more than a little concerned. A gentleman coming out of the bar (it was about 15'X15') stopped to ask what was wrong, we told him. Not only did he call the rental co from his cell phone, he said you guys look like you've been in the sun awhile, c'mon in I'll buy you a beer! He proceeded to buy us both a beer!! Took the rental co an hour to get to us, he, and the few locals in the bar could not have been nicer.
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