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Default Re: Aruban people's hospitality

About 15 years ago I was spending a week in Aruba solo for the first time. It was a few days before New Year's and I drove from the airport to my hotel with a female taxi operator. She asked where I planned to spend New Year's Eve. I said I would be at my hotel where I knew the waiters and waitresses. She said, "You can't be alone New Year's Eve." I assured her I would be fine. I forgot our words until New Year's Eve when I was sitting at the bar. The bartender answered the phone and brought it to me, "Telephone for you." It was the taxi operator telling me her son was on his way to pick me up and bring me to her house. Something I would never do in the States, I went outside and got into a stranger's car. Off we went to his mother's house. I enjoyed the Aruban way of celebrating the New Year as we went around the neighborhood greeting her friends and family and enjoying food at each house. When I thought the night would be coming to an end she said it was just beginning. Off we went into the countryside to spend several hours at a large party with other taxi drivers. I was the only non-Aruban. The memories are vivid to this day.
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