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I Love Aruba Re: Aruban people's hospitality

The Aruban hospitality really shows itself "everyday" in one way or another so it's hard to just pick a couple instances, but....

A couple years ago, my friend Mary and I were going to a restaurant in O'stad, and just couldn't seem to find it. I'm great for "follow that car," but nobody seemed to be eating wherever it was we were going because we just "kept traveling." Finally, I saw an Aruban woman standing on the corner, and asked if she could give us directions. She literally hopped in the car, got us there, and went off to work. I think she said she worked at the Ren.

Last year... another "where the hell is Cooks?" Mary and I must have gone around the same blocks a gazilion times. Each time, we got back to the corner where El Gaucho is, the same man was directing traffic, and gave us the same directions, but damn if we could find the restaurant...(I can only imagine how he must have laughed to himself) Anyway, we found ourselves right back to where we started, and I saw two young Aruban girls on the street, rolled down the window, and asked if they could help. Once again, the two young ladies got in our car, and showed us the way...BUT, we had to take them back to where we picked them up. Eventually, we got it right!!

This past February, I took a cab in town one night to meet someone for dinner... the cab driver was such a nice man, and we had quite a chat. He was concerned that I was traveling solo, and asked how long I thought I'd be. I said..." probably a couple hours". I walked outside after dinner, and darn if he wasn't standing by his cab waiting for me!
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