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Default Re: Aruban people's hospitality

When our youngest child, Jackie, was 7 (now 14) she met a 7 year old Aruban girl named Mikha on the MiDushi snorkle adventure. They became immediate friends and she invited Jackie to her 7th birthday party at her home in Noord. Since then, they have become the best of friends. when we are there, Jackie stays overnight at Mikha's house and Mikha stays at our timeshare condo. Throughout the years, we have become good friends with Mikha's parents and we enjoy each others company at local restaurants, their house, and at our resort. This year, Mikha returned from Aruba with us for a 3 week vacation in New England. She had a blast and we enjoyed having her. It takes great friendship and trust for any parent to allow their child to travel to another country with friends..... Aruban people are hospitable, understanding, have great faith, and are very trusting. We learn from them each time we are there. We have many friends in Aruba, but I thought this true story is a great example of Aruban friendship.
John L
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