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Default Re: Aruban people's hospitality

One year, my brother and his family joined us in Aruba. His 2 daughters were 4 and 1 at the time. Our long-time local friend Glenn invited us all to his home one night. Glenn and most of his family live in a small set of trailers on the outskirts of O'stad. They don't have much, but we were overwhelmed at the party they gave which was obviously in our honor. All the children painted a huge sign that said "Welcome Frank and Rosanna Famaly" (exact quote). Not that there was any fancy food or drink. Just plain finger foods and rum & punch, etc. More family and friends joined the celebration as the night wore on. My 4 year old niece could not speak one word with the other children, but they played and laughed and sang all night long in some kind of universal kids language. It turned into the best block party I've ever been to. Like I said they didn't have much, but they shared EVERYTHING they had to make sure we had a good time. We were so touched by their generosity.

My sister in law said it better than I ever could. Her exact words were, I am humbled.

One year we returned for our usual trip to Aruba to find out that Glenn died suddenly a few months prior. We were devastated by the news and went to find the rest of the family. Took a while on those back streets but we found his sister. And since then, she and her son have visited here in the states and we remain close. But it was Glenn and his genuine warm heart that brought us all together.

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