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Default Re: BIG waves at Bucuti!!

My wife and I were in Aruba last week staying at the Divi. It was not a good week weather wise! Flying down on Sunday, we were treated to a massive cloud formation to the East of us as we neared the island with clouds in the distance piled up, it seemed, as high as we were, pretty sure it was Tomas!! We arrived on time and checked in.

The sky was a thin overcast with the sun peeking through and this was the rule for any sun we got that week. There were some periods of bright sun but that was very unusual, The sea was quiet the early part of the week through Thursday and we did get some beach time between days of drizzle and periods of tropical rain. Something we haven't seen before was the Venezuelan coast visible from the beach. Normally you have to go to the other end of the island to see it.

Thursday night the surf started to build and by Friday morning was in full swing! Large breakers were battering the beach! I estimate some a high as 8 or 9 feet. There were some brave people venturing into the surf but they were getting tossed about and many quit and retired to their lounges. There was a group of island people surfing off of Casa del Mar next door with mixed success. The water line was slowly creeping up towards the resort as the sand disappeared. This continued all day with mostly clouded skies and scattered showers! There were some large squalls off shore with much thunder as well.

Saturday, the surf continued, down somewhat to about 5 or 6 foot waves but the damage was considerable! We had friends that walked the beach up to Costa Linda and they said that the beach was mostly gone from Casa del Mar to the North, Many palapas down or gone and rocks everywhere. On Sunday, before we left, there were 7 or 8 palapas down in the surf in front of the Vista buildings where early in the week there was as much as 100 feet to the water's edge.

As an additional note, planes were landing from the South all week as the trades were reversed by Tomas. At night, the wind would die and the trees were just hanging with no motion what so ever. It was very oppressive in the heat!

We had a great time, as usual, seeing old friends and making new ones. Aruba is a great place to go in spite of the weather but I have to admit we've had better!!

"Don't look back, What ever is chasing you may be catching up!"

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