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Default Re: 2011 invoice

I don't know the answer to that. I bought my 1 bedroom in 2001, here are the fees since then:
2001 395
2002 420
2003 430
2004 480
2005 505
2006 Riu closed
2007 555
2008 555
2009 620
2010 620
2011 620

Back in 2005 the Aruba Grand proposed a total overhaul of the 5th floor units with an assessment of $580 per week owned for the 5th floor owners only. It was voted down. The only assessment that I know of has been this years $150 which is for everyone. I don't believe there has been any major work done on any of the units since they were new.
Last year all the units were painted and we got new mattresses and draperies without any cost to us.


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