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Default Re: Today in New York & Aruba 2010

Nice pics!! I like the mix of snow and sun. I love that soda can one too. And I don't need to guess where you'd rather be lol!! Wow - just 1 more week for you - that's great. We have about 2 months, and just thinking about that put a smile on my face even today after a blizzard.

Just got in from shoveling ourselves - only took a quick break for lunch, and it still took almost 4 hours. We had no bare spots except under the eave of the house. I can't even guess how much snow we really got because of the wind and drifts. Hubby used the snowblower on the driveway, and I got to shovel our walkways, back and front (hmm, what's wrong with that picture?). The front walkway which we hardly use wasn't too bad. But the back walkway, which is extremely windy, was one huge humongous drift which was as high as my, er um, nether-region, lol, and I'm almost 5'7". I was going to wait and take more breaks, but the sun actually came out for a while, so the light fluffy snow we had this morning was starting to get heavier and heavier. You know, all in all this wasn't too bad. Not having to go to work the next couple of days and thinking sunny thoughts about Aruba changed my whole mindset.

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