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Default Re: Today in New York & Aruba 2010

We didn't have to do the driveway. We had both cars on it and because of the wind, no snow fell between them. Unfortunately, this a.m., hubby was shoveling while I was using the snow blower and he threw his back out. Fortunately we have a week for him to recuperate, and of course, the Aruba sun will work miracles for him. I finished the apron of the driveway a little while ago, and asked my neighbor if he wanted to borrow the blower. Of course he jumped at it. Now I see out my window that he is on the ground trying to unravel the light cord that's wrapped around the blades. I can't help but laugh b/c I did that 2 years ago, only mine wasn't a heavy duty cord. I guess he's mumbling under his breath that he should have just shoveled. (what's his wife going to say when she finds out she has no Christmas lights on tonight - LOL). Just wanted to share. I know this doesn't belong here, but what the heck. I started the thread...
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