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Default Re: Today in New York & Aruba 2010

We spent our working years in the NY Capital District, so the pictures brought back old memories...never again memories.
We're shivering because it was 24 degrees last night in Florida, but no snow to go with it. Still, it was sunny and mid-50's this afternoon. After another cold night, a string of 70's are promised for the New Year.
Last couple years, we have been concerned about flights to Aruba when the airline only flies on Saturday...what would happen with cancelled flights. This week Orlando has had hundreds of cancelled flights...connection problems to and from the north. Although we fly in September, a glitch in the system could be awful. Hope you get off safely. You deserve a winter vacation. I guess some people flying out of NYC/Boston/Philadelphia must be impacted by the weekend storm.
If I spent more than a few hours in an airport due to delays, they will have to cart me out.

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