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I Love Aruba Re: Wacky Wahoo Cuban Black Bean Soup

Originally Posted by JohnJT View Post
Last year, I had black bean soup with the entree. My wife had the Aruban fish soup with the entree. We did not finish the pan-fried wahoo special. It was OK since we used the leftovers for a second meal at our timeshare.

This year, we decided to skip the soup. Of course, we polished off the entree. No soup, no leftovers...I'm actually sorry to report about the no leftovers we have adjusted to not dining out every night in 3 weeks.
I'm with you there, John. I'm there for 4 weeks, and if I ate out every night, not only would I have to be rolled home, but I know my stomach couldn't take it. I'm quite content, many nights, to just have a sandwich or something light in my unit or sitting on the balcony taking it all in.

Oh... I'd rather the soup than the entree!
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