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Default Re: My Restaurant Reviews

great info! now my chance to remind people....

listen up... we have an entire website dedicated to things such as restaurant reviews. people on facebook, twitter, and google come there looking for our opinions. please people, take the time to post at

Aruba Restaurants, Food and Dining Guide -

it takes a second to register and get started. it's easy to navigate. it's getting great response but it can't be a success and make people love what we love and hate what has turned us off if we don't post there. (fyi-my last trip, the people i ate with posted and i didn't want to be redundant so i didn't.)

it is becoming a well known google and facebook search tool so get your opinion out there. we eliminated the reviews section on our forum to direct you to a place where people can't fake reports.

TruRatings System | Aruba Restaurants

please do it and make your voices heard.
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