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Default Re: My Restaurant Reviews

gina, you are always brilliant but you are like the rest of us, you don't read rules. at least a dozen times a week i have to move rentals and sales to where they belong because no one reads the headers for the sections. that doesn't bother me (except when the people think they forgot to post and do it again and again-tired of sending pms, lol). however, this one is important to me because i worked hard recreating these sections to help people link to the new restaurant site because it is an exciting addition that will make it easy for everyone to find opinions instead of having to search really hard for the particular restaurant. it's bringing in people who are curious about aruba but don't like the idea of joining a forum. so, i'm hoping our people take advantage of it, post recommendations, post places they hated, and give future newbies more info.

Originally Posted by pgsoder View Post
Thanks Ruba and Elaine for pointing out my "thumb" dumbness. I fixed it, but with words. I get all carried away with my typing and just plain didn't notice my big goof.
Sherry, your post explains why I couldn't find the restaurant review thread here. Sorry!!! Not ending my year on a very brilliant note am I????
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