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Default Re: another minor warning

I never like to assume that we're going to get ripped off (by a tourist, native, or otherwise) while we're on the island, or anywhere else. However, this warning is worth heeding, as we had an unfortunate situation happen to us while we were on Aruba a few years ago. We were too trusting and left our stuff (camera, iPods, etc.) at the beach in our bright purple bag. My husband returned to our chairs a short time later and discovered the bag had been stolen. We sprang into action, went on a tear, and luckily for us, the bag and its contents was recovered just a few minutes later -- intact. It taught us a real lesson. We now own a vacation vault (worth the investment) and never leave things around that would be a hardship to replace.

It's terrible to have to post things like this, but thanks for the reminder.
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