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Default Re: Cell Phone Questions

I had posted this before, maybe it will help.

Like Izzy said, you'll need portable router for the room connection. I bring a credit card size D-link router and that does the trick.

I'm not sure if this is earth shattering news, but during our last trip we discovered the best and least expensive way to call home. I used to stay in contact with home using Skype connecting through my I-phone to the other party when they connected to Skype (application to application) great connection with no delay. The only drawback was both parties had to be signed into skype so we had to do a call/hang up as a signal. (AT&T charges when you do that, not good).

This year I added $10 to my Skype account so I would be able to connect through the Wifi but instead of connecting through the app I could dial phone numbers directly. Looking at their cost charts I figured it would be around .25/min to call home. So I made my first call directly to my son's cell, it worked perfect, same great connection. We talked for around 10 minutes. I figured that would be around $2.50, I checked my account information after the call and my balance was $9.70, only .30 for 10 minutes(actually .023/min). Then it dawned on me, Skype doesn't know where you're at (ip wise) so it thinks you are calling the US from the US since that is where your home number is. After that we stayed in touch with everyone almost every day and came home with around $6.00 remaining in the account.

PS you can also set up Skype to show your cell# as the caller ID, in your account. That way people won't ignore the CID when it shows 'unknown caller'.
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