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Default Re: Cell Phone Questions

exactly, john. skype works both computer to computer and computer to cell or landline in the states. it costs next to nothing. obviously, you aren't taking your computer to the beach so if you need to 'be one with' your cell phone it won't be what you need but if you want to keep in touch with home it is a great way to do it. if you are calling computer to computer it is free. i talk to my daughter in india all the time. with our built in webcams we get to chat and see each other. sunday we spent nearly an hour chatting. no way i could afford that with long distance rates.

Originally Posted by JohnJT View Post
Very interesting post!
I was not able to connect to Netflix and US TV networks in September.
Got back messages that said things like "we recognize you are outside the US and its territories" and/or "our license does not cover foreign countries".
If I begin to understand, I guess Skype is different.
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