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Default Re: Cell Phone Questions

chip, for years i used only skype or emails. i love skype. however, 3 or 4 years ago, visit aruba gave me a phone to use on aruba. i must say it makes life very easy. would i rent a phone if mine broke? maybe i would because it is worth it to me for all of the on island calls i make. for a once a day phone call to the states, i'm all for that card or skype.

Originally Posted by Chip View Post
Looks like I forgot to mention that I couldn't just take my cell to the beach and call hone for $.023/min I had to be in the room and my I-phone had to be connected to the wireless router then sign into Skype through the APP.
I sure hope I didn't make it sound like there was an easier way. If you need to have instant contact with home and for them to call you anytime, then renting the cell phone is the way to go.
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