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Default Re: Cell Phone Questions

We made a presentation on this very topic and I copy this for you to look at.
As stated in the small piece, we would love to have your business, but it is so much more important that you, the visitor, is happy with the choices you make. Hope that this helps. Take note it is copied and pasted so some of the indents are off.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the main motivator behind renting a cell phone is the management of vacation or travel expenses. However keep the following in mind:
• Cell phone carriers make money when you call and not on the hardware they sell.
• While they pretend to be, carriers are not all that different from each other.
o Where they differ if in the customer service
• Carriers have agreements with other carriers not located in their coverage area or “range”.
o They do this to enable the user to experience uninterrupted service when moving about. This is to offer a service described as “Seamless”
• Cell phone carriers have huge expenses with equally as high returns.
• Cell phone expenses in proportion to other family expenses are out of balance.
o In some cases, the cost for cell phone use is higher than the utilities bills
• While many homes will not have a standard land line, almost all will have cell phones.
o More and more new homes are not having phones installed – ERGO the focus on Cell phones by users and carriers.
• Recent studies are showing that the dependence on cell phones has grown to the point that many users are uncomfortable not having one in their hand during most waking hours and walk with their cell phone at all times.
Following are the options for cell phone usage while travelling

Roaming is by far (SATPHONES EXCLUDED) the most expensive way to go. It involves the simultaneous use of multiple carriers and satellites to accomplish a single calling task. Each one of those carriers is paid proportionately for their involvement in the use and for their offered services.
While available with almost all carriers, to date, “Roaming” is not a standard service. Roaming is considered a special service. Like any special service, the carrier takes advantage of the business opportunity by charging extra thus making “Roaming” the most lucrative calling service that carriers offer. Due to this excellent business opportunity, it is not anticipated that Roaming will be done away with soon.
The question of “Why people continue to use Roaming?” is best answered as follows:
• Instant availability of stored information
• Incoming call registration is instantly available
• Familiarity of the personal handset
• Multiple associates know your number.
On the other hand, there are a growing number of travelers that are returning to massive phone bills due to “Roaming”. In some cases, these bills can the rates can be as high as four times the normal calling rate.
Up until recently, I roamed when travelling however; I found that the bills were becoming outlandish. My reason for roaming was the stored information. Now I just write down the most important numbers and keep them on a small sheet in my wallet. It solved my problem big time and also allowed me to focus more on my vacation and not on answering calls I did not initiate to begin with.
Following are two examples of real bills (thank god not mine). One is in the $7,000 range. My personal ROAMING bill was about $450.00 for three days.
The conclusion seems to be that: If you plan on travelling and know that you will be using your phone to make INTERNATIONAL CALLS, consider rentals.


Each geographical location offers different challenges:

SALINITY – Salt is in the Aruba air constantly affecting all aspects of how we handle electronic equipment. An afternoon by the ocean can damage your cell phone. The accidental dip in the water with your phone surely means you will be getting a new cell phone. At FASTPHONE we treat our phones especially to deal with this salinity and air moisture.

CHLORINE – Pool side chlorine vapors can be as hazardous as salinity. Placing a cell phone close to the pool so you can hear the rings is one of the bigger problems. Lastly, jumping out of the pool and answering a call with chlorine wet hands will eventually destroy a phone and certainly start to cause behavior problems.
SAND – Even one grain of sand under the key pad area can have disastrous effects on the cell phone. As you use the cell, that grain under the key pad will grind away at your contact points and the physical damage as well as the salinity released will show its effects when you’re back home.
In some cases, visitors feel that placing a cell phone in a ZIP-LOCK bag is a solution. While a clever thing to do, it is definitely not a solution. What we have seen is that the ability to hear the caller is poor and taking the cell phone out with wet hands goes back to the water damage issue.
This culprit is responsible for more “mid-week” rentals than we can remember. Lying by the pool or in the sand and handling your cell phone with hands that have recently been in contact with Sun Tan Lotion is also a killer. There is no need to discuss what this does to the key pad.
NOTE: After each rental, FAST PHONES pulls apart and sanitizes each cell phone and when we do - very seldom do we not find sand or the start of salinity or chlorine damage.

• What is the condition of the cell phones?
• Are they clean?
• Sanitized?
• Is the airtime new airtime or transferred left over minutes from other customers?
• Transferred (left-over) minutes have a shorter life time and can run out on you while you still have what seems like plenty of minutes.
• Choose a company that focuses on cell phone rentals and rents cell phones on purpose and not as a sideline.

Following is a list of mail addresses we have taken off the internet that may be helpful to you. Obviously we would love to be the one you do business with however you should check all possibilities.
Aruba Car Rental Real Deals
Aruba Business Services - Chapeau Aruba N.V.
Cell Rentals Aruba | Cell Phone Rentals - Fast Phone Delivery
Cell Phone Rental Aruba -

We purposely do not address the issue of SKYPE or other computer related voice products since these are not comparable (good or bad) with the mobile hand-held unit. They are a different animal all together that serves a similar purpose.

Fast Phone is in hopes that this information has been helpful to you and will assist you in the making of your decision on “IF” you will rent and “HOW” to evaluate your choices.
FAST PHONE ARUBA - A cell phone rental company
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