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Default Re: another minor warning

THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR ANY THEFT, PETTY OR OTHERWISE. that it exists more so than before is a sad fact.

We went to RIO a few years ago and our friends were coming to Aruba to meet with us and we would go down with them via Caracas. For this 7 day trip, I had a full sized suitcase just for me, not to count the other three suitcases. Our friends arrived and we picked them up. My first impression when they shot out of the arrivals hall was that they had lost their luggage. Not so. They each had a tote bag - (the kind you drag on wheels behind you.)

In these they had multiple changes of clothing, ZERO JEWELRY, clothes pins and some other items. When we talked to them they explained how they did it and we tried as well.

RESULT?? Rio is definately not a safe place and the beaches are VERY dangerous, however, we had nothing worth stealing and the crunchy cotton shirts and pants were just that - CRUNCHY. In other words, we purposefully did not make ourselves targets. The one thing of value was the passport, and that stayed at the hotel and they gave us a receipt in the event we needed to show a passport. We were light on junk and heavy on fun!

Thought I would pass that on.

be well

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We bought something like the vacation vault last year but never used it. It's much bigger and can actually accommodate a computer. Packed it last night "in case" we need it. Guess I'll make sure we use it this year. Thanks for the heads up.
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