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Ro: Thanx for the insight! Great Story. I know how rough those waters can be. The cigarette boat is a chum maker for sure.
Good Luck with Albert. He is just another part of the Aruban enchantment. Great Mate on any Charter. On our 2009 trip we fished with him 3x. Each day out his cell phone would ring constantly. It got to the point where it was interferring with his work. It became a joke and we teased him about it.
On the third trip the calls continued. At one point he handed me his phone so that he could re-bait. I looked at the call log. There were 20 calls in the last 45 minutes, from 13 different woman. I asked him, "What do they want?" He smiled, slyly, and said "Me". I thought it pompous, until he explained, that a young man on Aruba, willing to work hard, for a steady income, and no drug problem, is highly desirable.
This man lives to fish. The phone rang again. He looked at me, and smiled. I answered. It was a woman, who was certainly surprised to not hear papiamento. She immediately switched to English. I asked her why she wanted Albert. She laughed, and said, "We all do." He was whistling for fish and laughing at me.
During our 2010 trip, I looked him up, as usual, even though I was not fishing on this trip. I had brought my nieces down for Carnivale. They have never left the US, or been on a plane, for that matter. I spent all of my time with them. After inquiring around the docks, I found the Charter, he was currently attached to. I asked the men on the deck where he was, and they just laughed. I explained my relationship with Albert to them. When they stopped laughing, they informed me that he was at the Hospital...awaiting the birth of his first child. Perhaps this year, I will meet the winner.
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