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Default Re: Donate your Timeshare for a great cause and get $5000.00 tax deduction.

aruba love, this post doesn't need to be deleted since you noted that it is no longer valid which should have been done by the poster at the point it was no longer valid.

for the information of all who post here, if a post you create is no longer valid, the simple solution is to post in that thread that it is no longer valid.

honestly aruba love, i just received my first notice of this request this morning when i turned on the computer. if anyone has a problem with a post, the easy way to get an answer is to contact me directly via a pm. we do tell all members who request a change or deletion in a post to make the change themselves. we do not delete posts unless they are offensive because the process is time consuming and confusing to members who were following the thread and want to know the results. therefore we suggest that when there is a change, the poster should be responsible for the correction.

Originally Posted by ArubaLove View Post
This post needs to be deleted as it is no longer valid!!!!

Have email visit aruba. Com several times with no luck.

Need this post deleted
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