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Aquarius and Sherry, We have 4 cats. They are indoor/outdoor, but with snow on the ground they are mostly indoor. Cant get them in during hot weather. They lay on the concrete in 100 degree weather and seem to love it. We have 1 that just turned 20, Sasha. She doesnt get around like she used to. I dont either. She mostly sleeps on the bed or lays in one of our laps now. We live on a little over 2 acres in a semi-rural area. Of course the cats dont believe in property lines. Sometimes that can be a problem. We took our only male(neutered) TC, to the vet a couple months ago because he acted pretty sick and felt hot to the touch. Turns out he had been shot with a pellet gun and the pellet was still in him, just under the skin. No major damage but a high fever. He has stayed pretty close to home since then. We got him 3 years ago as a kitten from the same vet we took him to. We have another girl, Dory. I found her under the hood of a pickup truck in a grocery store parking lot. I kept hearing her meow and finally figured out she was under that hood. Had to wait for the PUs owner to unlock the door and release the hood latch to get her. She jumped right into my arms when the hood came up. That was 6 years ago and she was a little kitten then. The PU owner had no knowledge of her and said he had just driven 8 miles into town. Molly is our youngest although we dont know how old she is. My daughter was at a jr high football game(grandson) about 35 miles south of Tulsa 2 years ago last November. Molly came out of the woods and into the parking lot just meowing her head off. My daughter opened her car door and Molly jumped in. She looked like she was 8 to 10 weeks old and was boney, starving. We took her to the vet the next day and she had every kind of intestinal bug a cat can have. She was malnourished, dehydrated and had a fever. They said her stool was full of leaves and twigs mostly. The vet said she was not a kitten. She was at least 7 months old as she had the teeth that come in at that time. That was hard to believe. She was super malnourished. She has not gotten a lot bigger. She is still a small cat. She also walks a little bowlegged. She is a great huntress though. She catches field mice, moles, gophers and every once in a while a bird. Sorry I went on so long. I love my cats.
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