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Originally Posted by roschone View Post
There are a lot of us cat people around here. My cat is just dying to get outside, but when I open that door and he feels the wind and sees all the snow, his eyes close to slits, and he backs up into the house like his butt was on fire. If I heard my cat say ack ack ack!, I think it would mean - "oh man, if I was out there, I'd of had that bird!" My cat is SOOOOOOOO bored, he is playing with anything. A twist tie, my shower curtain, the strings on a cushion, my back scratcher, even the remote! He nuts I tell ya, nuts!

We are getting slammed here in NY too with our 8th storm since Christmas. Shoveled again today. I am getting really really good at it. Almost got impaled by the icicles though. Holy cow, one was about 6 feet long and I made the mistake of trying to knock it down. Missed me by a hair even though I was under the eave of the house. We are now expecting an "accumulating" ice storm. I guess that means several inches of ice. We actually dragged out the generator because I feel like it's only a matter of time before the power goes.

I really really really need to get away from all this. We ALL really need to get away from this. I don't know about you, but I'm hanging by a thread.
You can come shovel my sidewalk. I dont mind. I can see your cat backing up now as mine do the same thing. I wrote about my cats a little in the next/last reply.
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