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I loved every word of it Bob. Come spring, summer and fall, my cat just loves to be outside. We have to call him for at least an hour to get him in the house, and that's usually around 11PM. All he wants is out, out, out, play, play, play. But when the snow flies and the bitter cold comes, he may go out for like a second, and then we see him sitting on the rail begging to come in. And that's if he dares to go out in the first place. A friend of ours found him in a field he was landscaping. Actually he found 2 kittens and no mommy. I took one and my friend took the other. And we love him to death. Although he's very affectionate with us, he's extremely nervous when anyone comes to the house. Takes him a looooong time to warm up to you. Even when my little nieces come over to spend a few days, it's usually day 3 before they can pet him. But he sleeps with us every night and basically sleeps ON us, lol. I do believe he was traumatized in that field though. He jumps at every sound from rustling a plastic bag to the doorbell. He even jumps at a doorbell sound coming from the TV!

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