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Originally Posted by iamromo View Post
While I am not a scientist, global warming is causing the crazy weather. The slight warming causes melting ice caps which in turn cause colder waters which in turn cause different wind patterns and so on ...
So what your saying is, the hotter the earth gets, the more it will snow and give us record low temperatures.
My dad (Deceased)was an archaeologist and he agrees that the earths getting warmer. He said it has been getting warmer for over 20 thousand years. That is a fact. If it wasnt, he says, there would still be glaciers in Chicago. He also said that there have been at least 6 previous ice ages and the earth warmed up and the glaciers melted after each one of them. Fact. He also said it got a lot warmer than it is now between each one. Fact Then he said- There were no people here to BLAME it on after the last 6, why are they blaming it on people now?. Global warming yes, manmade global warming-politics.
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