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Originally Posted by aquarius View Post
ArubaBob and Roschone,

Love the cat stories and ArubaBob for rescuing all those kitties. I've done my share of rescuing and placing kittens, about 25 of them! All from the yard my husband would wait until they would be trusting enough to handle, feeding, and then he would bring the kitten in to socialize it. We had a few cats of our own and somehow always managed to find a good home for each one of them. We took one in though, Gretchen, who is a great hunter so I stopped putting bird feed in the feeders near my house for the sake of the birds. My other guy who is 13 is Pogo which I also found on my property and he's a real nervous ninny but has gotten better over the years. Gretchen I think escaped some kind of calamity outside because he is extremely leary even with us at times. She still goes outside in good weather but isn't having any of this cold snowy stuff. She shakes her little paws at it. LOL We had lots of icy sideswalks and roads here. Roschone, where in NY do you live, the city or upstate? I need to get AWAY from all this. Florida in March to see some relatives can't come fast enough.
Love the cat storys too. Mine are ticked that there is so much snow. They hate it and I think they are blaming me. I can tell by the way they look out and then glare at me.
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