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Originally Posted by bhoffdhoff View Post
Our neighbor's cat adopted us last year. I asked if I could keep her and they said yes. She's an outdoor cat, but we have a little kitty house full of straw that sits on our deck, sheltered from the wind on 2 sides. When we still had our dog, who was very,very frail, she would march right behind him outside. Then she'd stop and watch his cable move in the grass and then pounce. That would be just enough weight to topple poor Buddy. Then she'd sidle up to him and rub on him. He'd look at her and you could just tell how disgusted he was with this and then he'd look away. When Buddy came back inside, and there was a sliding glass door between them, he would take a deep breath and muster with all of his being and get out 2 or 3 feeble barks. It was hilarious (in a sick sort of way). Well, Buddy is now gone and I thank God for sending Kitty our way to help ease the loss. She is very sweet.


They have a way of adopting you, for sure. Before we got Gretchen inside, just for one season we made an insulated dog house with roofing, everything. Another cat would come to stay in the house with her and we called him "the husband cat". LOL After that season we brought her inside and the rest is history. They do ease a loss of a pet in such a profound way.

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