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Default Am I in Cancun (2)?

So, when you go to the Caribbean, you sort of like to think you are somewhere othe than back home, right? OK, the weather certainly lets you know that (I always think of Cream's "Tales of Brave Ulysses": "You thought the leaden winter would bring you down forever; so you rode upon a steamer [OK, a plane in this case] to the violence of the sun"), but in some ways, like in that place in Mexico, you could be in Ocean City, Maryland, or Seaside Heights, New Jersey. How so? let's start with the music. While steel drums are not indigenous to Aruba (they came there from Trinidad), they've been there for a long time. Colombia and Venezuela are not far away, so salsa might also be expected; or reggae, perhaps? Something "islandy", you might hope for, right? Why, then, does the Phoenix tend to book basic American bar bands for PureBeach? One night there was a Latin trio; the rest was what you'd hear at the Chatterbox in Seaside. Never a steel drum band or reggae.
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