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Default Update on Moderators

Since Sherry resigned and announced that she will not be back for a long time and as a result two of the other moderators voluntarily resigned - Mark, Lisa, myself and other VisitAruba staff will be moderating and monitoring the forum directly from Aruba. We would like to take the opportunity to thank Sherry, Elaine and Alnora for their assistance on the board over the years - they will be missed ... but hopefully we might get to see them active on the board from time to time :-)

We will be reassessing the forum and already have many ideas to provide fresh and interesting news and content to members and welcome any suggestions you may have. Our style may be different, but our purpose will be the same, to provide timely, fresh and up to date content and information to people who want to visit our island or even call it home. We understand that the change in forum management may alienate some, but sadly this is something we cannot avoid.

Should you need additional information on the above, please feel free to send me a PM.

Thank you,

Daphne :-)
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