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Default The snorkle man is back in Aruba for awhile

Hey Kent: Hope you are enjoying your time. We had family down all week for a visit. Some very young ones included. Took them off of Arashi, then tried Mangel Halto. They were not so sure of it. Finally took them on the Jolly Pirates. Most of them hit the water. But the young ones really enjoyed the pirates, AAArrrrggghhhh, Matey. They did a great job on board. Visitors fly out on Monday. I intend to make the meet. If you are free, we will meet there. If not, I will reach out for you via PM. Did three days of Fishing last week. Mon, Wed and Fri. Plenty of Wahoo, Baracuda, Yellow Tail. Good eats. Hope to meet you on Monday! All the best. Happy VD!
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