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Default What To Do When Lost On Aruba?

While Aruba is relatively small, people get lost here all the time, including locals by the way. I used to carry little maps and all sort of stuff to get me back on track and then it dawned on me that it is really pretty simple to get back on track.

If you are on the populated (Southern) coastline and can't figure out which way is the hotel zone just point the car to the ocean and drive to the right. That will get you back. If you are on the north coast and cant figure it out then just drive until you hit a road that goes to the inland and take it. Once inland then look for our only large mountain - Hooi-Berg' - drive towards it and look for main roads. They HAVE TO BE THERE since the cross both sides of the Hooi-Berg. This area of the island is higher and you will be able to see the hotels from here. Just point yourself in their direction and go go go .

However, I recommend staying lost. It is a delightful experience.

be well
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