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Default Re: What To Do When Lost On Aruba?

This reminds me of my first days in Aruba quite a while back. Daphne had this tiny car and we used to go absolutely everywhere and anywhere with it, poor car. She'd take me to see the most visited areas of course, all the famous sights, but on occasion we'd purposely wander off the beaten track, especially when an intriguing road or track appeared. Sometimes we'd just end up getting stared at by goats in the middle of nowhere. I still find myself doing that to this day, its the best way to get to know Aruba, and one is surprised how many interesting places and sights there are out there, even on a small island, that are completely new, and which would otherwise be missed, especially if in a rush. As Charles said, staying lost is delightful and definitely lets you find more of Aruba.

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