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I Love Aruba Re: Cooks Restaurant is moving

I understand, Ommi.

You have my cell number. Hopefully, before I leave on Saturday, I'll get to see you.

Originally Posted by Cooks Restaurant View Post
Hi Elaine. I'm so sorry for the disappointment but it will be even better when we re-open. Yesterday I planned on visiting you and Mary at the hotel, but we had so much to do at the restaurant that I couldn't make it. We worked from 7 am to 11 pm and I was exhausted. This morning we are at it again since 7 am. We need to work arround the clock in order to finish because there were too many construction delays already that frustrates me, but we are getting there.
I'm so excited because last night we tested the lights and it was great. The place is looking very nice once it is taking shape. It has the elegance that the 2nd floor has but without the lime rocks. Maybe I'll go by the hotel and pick you all up to bring you here so you may get a glimps of how it is taking shape.
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