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Default Re: 5 Guys Burger"s Now on the Island

I guess Five Guys franchises are exploding around the country and now the Caribbean.
They recently moved into 2 locations in Daytona Beach - Port Orange, FL.
We ate a Five Guys in the Albany, NY area a couple years ago. As I recall, a single is a generous serving of meat...a double is an overkill. The fries were excellent. I've like the fries with malt vinegar, but I didn't recall that as an opton in NY...maybe 5 years ago. I recall that they had many stacked boxes of potatoes in the aisle...using so many potatoes that they did not have proper storage. 5 Guys is good, just VERY much like home. Want something different in AUA? Look to places that do not sould like the US.

Some year, I AM going to try a burger with egg at Bingo's!
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