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Default Re: Am I in Cancun (2)?

Originally Posted by JohnL View Post
Hi Mark:

Let me tell you a story about DIVI Phoenix management in Aruba. They are reactive and not pro-active in taking care of things. In other words, they give the grease to the wheel that is squeaky...but they really don't care much about the member's concerns IMO. This has been our experience. We have complained, completed questionaires, and the Guest Comments & Suggestion Sheet. Still there is little or no action. When you are gone and not there, then there is no problem for them. When you are there and complain, they repair the most obvious problems (mostly involving safety) and tell you the other problems will be fixed at some point in the future. It's called lip service. Then you come back to your unit the following year, and there they are-the very same problems; repairs haven't been done to the things you complained about a year ago.

Every year, DIVI has raised the maintenance fee for the new unit owners, even the very first year when we were unable to stay in our unit because it was not completed. Now it's becoming too expensive for some.

There is lots to be done at DIVI Phoenix for it to be even close to the best on the island. Make no mistake, the location is superb, it's private, yet near all the action. That's why members and guests put up with the management BS, inaction, and increases in maintenance fees.

And how about this: we own a 2 BR penthouse unit weeks 3 & 4. My wife and I wanted 2 extra towel cards and we were denied by the front desk. I paid 54 grand for those units. Is that the way you treat your members? I was thinking of purchasing in the Phoenix Villas, but that put me off so it cost them a sale.

They are trying to sell out the new units and they're being aggressive about it. If they were as aggressive in addressing the unit issues and member complaints, then it would be a recommended buy. If I had to do it all over again, I'd look elsewhere.

Sad but true.

I agree with pretty much everything you've said here. Perhaps the reason it bothers us less it that we have a one bedroom unit in the Tower which was purchased when Divi first took over. Because of the time frame (and smaller size of course), we didn't pay anywhere near 54K & we've enjoyed the Phoenix since before the beach had a palapa or a palm tree on it.

Once we decided to stop worrying about what was wrong & started focusing on the good stuff, we were fine. You need to remember that all that 54K got you is a guarantee that, if you pay your fees on time, you can spend weeks 3 & 4 in that penthouse unit for the next 40 years.

You (we) don't own anything. Divi management is going to do what they want, when they want & making a lot of noise isn't going change that. It might give you heartburn, but that's pretty much all you'll get out of it.

FWIW............... If you did not have the maximum number of people in the unit, your wife should not have had a problem getting more towel cards. That's probably one of the few times that a conversation with management would have gotten immediate, satisfactory, results.

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