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Default Re: Am I in Cancun (2)?


If no one complains, then nothing gets done. I will complain. And a verbal towel complaint did no good at the front desk! But Carmen, God bless her, took care of us.

I also purchased the entire month of Feb. I laid out substantial cash. And there is a contract. I know I'm a lessee, and not an owner. ANd I do know the difference.

Now that being said, my wife and I still had a great time. I don't let it bother me while I'm in Aruba. I sleep in the room. But I will not let issues of unit safety go unresolved.

Because I am a lessee does not take away my right as a DIVI member to register a complaint. They don't want people posting stuff like this on the BB because it causes problems for potential sales and rentals. They want happy members. Today I sent a formal letter to DIVI headquarters in NC. Let's see what that brings.

John L
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