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Default Re: Am I in Cancun (2)?

Its demoralizing when issues like this fall on deaf ears, especially after an investment the likes of what members put in. Seems management tend to tackle only the immediate issues and then once members are out of sight they're out of mind. In December 2010 I recall seeing ads placed for a General Manager for Divi Phoenix. Not sure if that position was filled. Hopefully the new person will read things like this from members and listen to them. Aruba's tourism success depends on the service people receive from the moment they get here (even before) to the moment they leave, and in the case of timeshare owners it goes beyond that also.

This type of management lag is not limited to Divi Phoenix. In another case I know about it was also an issue of safety, not just embellishment or beautifying. I think it must have taken the management there about a year or more to get the decrepit gym equipment replaced. I have personally seen people almost break their necks on a treadmill that suddenly stopped dead while they were running on it, and there were machines that had snapped cables that were never replaced, not for a very long time anyway. Eventually they got replaced thankfully but it took a very long time!

I agree with you droykelly - if noone ever complains nothing will get done. I think it took a lot of complaining in the above case I mentioned. A dear friend of mine from New York once mentioned to me that back home complaining is a "time-honored tradition", perhaps a lot of people in that particular resort were from New York
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