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Default Re: Am I in Cancun (2)?


I think it was me that said, "If no one complains, then nothing gets done."

I think a major problem in Aruba is it is difficult to hold responsible parties accountable. Most members leave every week, or every few weeks, and forget about it when they get home; they get back to work trying to make more money to come again next year, or buy a TS. What was a priority now becomes secondary.

With the economy the way it is, the unrest in the middle east causing oil prices to skyrocket, and Aruba being overbuilt, I think we might see some interesting developments in tourism in Aruba and elsewhere. This might force resort owners and service providers to be more sensitive to the needs of their market and members.

As I said, I have sent a letter of complaint to Member Relations at DIVI Resorts in North Carolina. We'll see what happens, if anything.

John L

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